Invisalign® Clear Braces in Roseville 

Crooked teeth, gaps, and overcrowding have a negative impact on the health of your smile, and leave you dissatisfied with its aesthetic. Even so, you may still feel reluctant to start the two-year process of traditional metal braces.

Dr. Satbir K. Kahlon, DMD offers Invisalign® clear braces, a comfortable and attractive alternative to standard braces. Invisalign is a valuable treatment that can help Roseville residents correct mild to moderate alignment issues in a fraction of the time, all without interrupting their normal life. To find out if Invisalign is the ideal treatment for your smile, schedule a consultation with our practice today.

What Can Invisalign Be Used For?

The Invisalign braces are best suited for dealing with mild to moderate alignment issues. The clear trays are custom-fitted to your teeth, applying subtle pressure to targeted areas and encouraging your teeth to move over time.

Invisalign is used to treat a variety of alignment issues, including:

  • Crooked or rotated teeth
  • Gaps between teeth
  • Overcrowding (teeth that overlap)
  • Mild overbite or underbite

Invisalign or Metal Braces: Which is Right for Me?

If you are interested in alignment correction, Dr. Kahlon will evaluate your dental situation and determine whether you are a viable candidate for Invisalign treatment. Using a 3D digital scanner, she can create a model to show you exactly how your treatment will progress, and what your teeth will look like when the process is complete.

Invisalign may not be right for every case, especially if you have severe misalignment issues. However, many Roseville patients have found great success with Invisalign clear braces. There are many reasons why more and more patients are turning to clear braces over traditional metal ones.

Comfort: The aligner trays are perfectly molded to your smile, with nothing poking your gums or soft tissue. Patients often forget they are wearing braces at all.

Convenience: The removable aligners allow patients to enjoy their normal lifestyle without having to change their diet or regular activities. They also don’t have to adjust their normal brushing and flossing habits.

Discreteness: The invisible aligners are all but undetectable to others, so you are free to flash your smile in photos or at special events without feeling self-conscious. There is also no period of adjustment with your speech.

Enhance Your Healthy Smile with Invisalign in Roseville

Dr. Kahlon works with patients in Roseville and the surrounding communities. She and her friendly office staff provide expert dental care in a comforting and serene environment in their beautiful dental office.

Don’t put up with alignment issues when you have a simple and effective alternative. Schedule a consultation with our office today!


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