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Family Dentistry in Roseville

Like all aspects of our health, our oral situation changes as we grow, requiring new approaches and treatments to keep our teeth and gums in good health. When it comes to your family’s dental care, you want to know that they can all receive the quality services they need. That’s why it’s vital to find a dentist you can trust with all of your loved ones, regardless of age.

Dr. Satbir K. Kahlon, DMD works with families of all ages and sizes across Roseville, CA, helping them to feel healthy and confident about their smiles. Whether your loved ones are 8 or 80, Dr. Kahlon can provide the dental services they need to achieve their optimal dental health.

Dental Care for Children

A child’s dental health is constantly evolving, and so are their dental needs. Children should be seen by a dentist frequently throughout the years to monitor tooth health and development. 

Dr. Kahlon provides dental care for children six and older, working to ensure that their teeth remain healthy. She is careful to look for signs of cavity and decay, and monitors the development and emergence of adult teeth to promote a healthy and well-developed bite when they reach their teen and adult years. She and her staff will take the time to answer any questions you may have, and can educate you on ways to help your child protect their dental health at home.

Dental Care for Teens and Young Adults

Once all permanent teeth are in place, Dr. Kahlon focuses on providing long-term care solutions as well as addressing current health issues. The teen and young adult years are a great time to address dental problems such as misalignment; teens and young adults with mild to moderate alignment issues may be good candidates for Invisalign® clear braces.

Teeth whitening is also a simple cosmetic procedure that is quite popular among teens and young adults, especially for large social events like Homecoming and Prom.

Dental Care for Seniors

In the golden years, seniors face unique challenges to their oral health. Our bodies are less able to deliver the care and healing of our youth, and certain illnesses or side effects of medicine can impact dental health. 

Dr. Kahlon provides thorough care and monitoring for seniors, examining for tooth decay, gum disease, jaw bone loss, and other age-related health factors. Our practice offers a suite of dental restorations, from fillings and crowns to dental implants, and is able to provide whatever services are needed to help seniors maintain a healthy and functioning smile.

A Dental Home for the Whole Family

At our Roseville dental office, we strive to make our office feel welcoming and inviting to patients of all ages. Whether your dental care needs are simple or significant, we’ll provide excellent care with a friendly and nonjudgmental approach. Contact our office and schedule an appointment today.


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